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Shauna Holiman began her artistic life in music. After a degree in Music at the University of Colorado at Boulder and conservatory training in voice/opera at the Boston Conservatory of Music, she moved to New York City and sang solo recitals, opera, oratorio and cabaret in the United States and abroad and was a finalist in such competitions as the Liederkranz and Metropolitan Opera Auditions. Her poems and opera librettist have been set to music by numerous composers. Somewhere along the way, she earned her Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University... just in case. In 2001 she began to teach herself to paint and since then has won awards for her work in oil and ink, participated in many group shows and has had several solo shows. She is a Past President of the Greenwich Art Society and maintains studios in Greenwich and New Preston, CT.
My work synthesizes a lifetime of artistic endeavor in multiple areas: music, writing, theatre and the fine arts. Each requires an attentiveness – to detail, technique, material and emotional response - that makes a connection with an idea that I need or want to express. On a fundamental level, I find no difference between art forms. I make music with color; I paint what I hear; I find singing in words. It all comes from the same place and feeds an ever hungry inner core. I look for new techniques so I can “let the beast out” through whatever means are at hand: music, paint, glass, food, fonts, fabric – my life, all of it. A certain enthusiasm wells up enabling inspiration to grow. I look carefully, figure out how to get at it, work it over, change and play with it until it “works” and then I run as far as I can with it. I love to learn and especially enjoy working collaboratively. It is a most intoxicating kind of fun and I am addicted to the creative process.

Contact me: shauna(at)shaunaholiman(dot)com

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